No Smoking Policy

As part of our Ground Hire agreement with Liverpool City Council, we are required to adhere to the policies and procedures as set out in the terms and conditions.

As a member of Southern Districts Soccer Football Association, and Football NSW - we are likewise obliged to adhere to certain terms and conditions.

This is a reminder of CNFC's obligation at South Park and Childs Park in relation to a No Smoking Policy.

As a matter of Health and Safety for the Community, all clubs are required to enforce a No Smoking Policy in designated areas of Council premises and during Council sponsored events.

As such, it is timely to remind everyone of the policy under which we will operate again this season.

In summary, the No Smoking Policy applies in the following areas :

  • Around or within the Change Rooms.
  • Around or within the Public Toilets.
  • Around or within the Canteen.
  • Around or within Covered areas adjacent to Council buildings.
  • Around or within Grandstands.
  • By players, volunteers or officials involved in a game being played.
  • Within the roped off area of the playing field and/or within 10 metres of the playing surface.

Individuals who choose to smoke still have plenty of area outside of these bounderies to do so.

It remains the responsibility of all CNFC affiliates to ensure that our Club operates in an environment that does not threaten the Health and Safety of our children, our community, or to those visiting from other areas.

It should also be noted that all Grounds within Liverpool City Council will have similar requirements, and Grounds within Fairfield City Council jurisdictions observe a "Blanket"

No smoking policy within their boundaries.

Signage will be placed within the appropriate areas at South Park to remind people of this agreement.

Please support this initiative by respecting and enforcing the guidelines set out in this Policy.


The Management Committee