Wet Weather Information

Game Day

Always assume your game is on
unless you have confirmed with your coach or manager that it has been cancelled.

If in any doubt check with your coach or manager. CNFC will notify them if there is any change or cancellation.

Some things to consider on game day:

1. Southern Districts matches are played on fields controlled by both Liverpool Council and Fairfield Council
2. One council may close their fields for wet weather while the other leaves its fields open
3. If Council decides that fields are open on Friday it is then at a clubs' discretion whether they close their fields due to continued wet weather
4. Referees have discretion not to allow play to proceed if they deem a field unsafe
5.   If a field is initially open and weather conditions worsen a club my subsequently close the field for later matches.

Clubs are required to notify Southern Districts by 7.30am on game day if their fields are unplayable.


Training must NOT proceed if our grounds are closed.

Please use common sense if it starts raining while you are training. Stop if necessary and only resume if safe to do so.

Information about whether South Park and Childs Park are open for training can be found by calling Liverpool Council wet weather line 98219570 where you will hear a recorded messsage that is updated by 3:30pm on weekdays.